Chiquita 'Coach Chi' Anderson is a St. Louis native who grew up in Pine Lawn and Normandy in a single parent household. Growing up, she suffered from low self esteem, fatherlessness and an eating disorder. Chi comes from a family of strong women; it's in her DNA to be a steadfast sista! As a recent divorcee, she has inherited a newfound independence, strength and confidence that cannot be manufactured. As a Certified Positive Psychology Life Coach, Chi has the brains, street smarts and life experiences needed to give some very interesting and controversial dialogue.  


Jamar 'Church' Pinkston is a barber, poet, and motivational speaker. Originally from Itta Bena, MS he moved to St. Louis as a kid and grew up in Riverview. He was raised by his mother who worked for the government and his father who owns a construction company and is a pastor (yes, that means he is a PK [Preachers Kid]). Being a barber, he quickly realized he had a passion for helping men of all ages. With his witty jokes, vibrant personality and energetic vibe, he'll be sure to bring a very interesting perspective to every topic.